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Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Hospitality

Delivering high-quality services may be the number one priority for hospitality providers, but reducing costs is always an imperative. The industry is extremely sensitive to the economy, market competition and external factors like travel and transportation industry. Mazik Global’s solutions for hospitality helps the organizations to prepare them to compete in the market by strengthening core business processes such as customer service, sales and marketing, finance, procurement, inventory etc.


  • The hospitality industry is one of major service sectors in the world economy. The industry encompasses an extensive variety of service industries that include food service, tourism and hotels. The hospitality industry includes tourism support commercial activities like travel agents. Travel technology like applied information technology (IT) and its workers in hospitality, travel and tourism are also included in the hospitality industry.
  • ERP solutions for Hospitality comprises of inventory management for central warehouse, reservation tracking, accounting, purchase process management etc. Microsoft dynamics provides all the functions with utmost flexibility and scalability for data exchange management, multi-local accounting and fiscal regulation support in user interface languages.
ERP for Hospitality Industry


  • Streamline financial and human resource management
    • Gain real-time access to funding and expenditure across multiple business units.
    • Manage sensitive payroll information with greater control and security.
    • Increase staff productivity via automation of everyday tasks.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Develop more efficient and effective customer relationship management.
    • Deliver better coordinated services/activities that target specific communities or populations.
ERP for Hospitality Industry


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ERP for Hospitality Industry
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