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MazikCare Overview:

While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems may be more popular in other industries, their use in the healthcare industry can be very beneficial. As patients demand greater transparency in their care and access to their records, it becomes ever more important to utilize an ERP in your healthcare organization. In addition to patient desires, new technologies and practices demand fast information transfer. A good healthcare ERP like MazikCare can facilitate improvements in efficiency, costs and collections, and patient care quality. Improvements to any of these three areas are desirable, but improving all three definitely makes it worth the investment.

Increase Efficiency

An ERP system can streamline many administrative tasks. Integrating your systems for appointment scheduling, patient transfers and discharges, and bill processing can save valuable time and effort that can be better channeled toward patient care. With an ERP, vital information transfers becomes automatic and almost instantaneous, lost lab reports and vast piles of paper can become a thing of the past, and you can even track and monitor your inventory of supplies in real-time as medications are administered and other supplies are used.

Improve Costs and Collections

Using a healthcare ERP like MazikCare can significantly reduce the human interface for various tasks. As many of these once time consuming tasks become more automated, your operational costs drop, because you can do more with fewer man-hours. Properly implemented and used, the software can also help you identify solutions to cut costs in other areas of your organization. For example, integrated stock management can allow you to reduce stock outages and inventory costs. Collections can be increased as documentation is improved and claims submission processes are organized.

Provide Quality Patient Care

One of the best ways that your organization can benefit from a healthcare ERP is in quality patient care. These systems greatly facilitate the transfer of vital information as the patient progresses through the care process. When all of their information is centrally stored and accessed, it’s far easier to avoid problems like drug interactions and lost lab results. Every employee benefits from easier access to up-to-date vital information. Patients today want transparent access to their medical information, and a quality ERP can immensely simplify that process.

Choosing to invest in an ERP is a big decision. You don’t want to waste time and money implementing and learning an overly complex system. MazikCare, like all of our ERP systems, is based on Microsoft Dynamics technology. That means that the programs operate like familiar Microsoft programs, giving you a short learning curve and letting you focus on what matters most: your patients.

MazikCare Solution

MazikCare Features:

Revenue Cycle Management

The MazikCare billing and claims management system streamlines the billing process, tracks payer contract information, and automatically transmits claims to Medicare and other clearing houses. One-time and recurring claims are seamlessly created and accurately submitted.

Facility Management

Environments impact outcomes. The MazikCare Facility Management tools optimizes key codes and standards how to best manage operations, maintenance and regulatory compliance. Great facilities lead to great quality of care.

Supply Chain

This represents one of the most critical, far-reaching and sophisticated arms of a healthcare organization, because materials management problems apply to every department. Mazik has the necessary experience in enterprise resource planning, and specifically in healthcare, to make your organization run smoothly.


MazikCare is built on Microsoft’s most powerful financial and accounting platform: Dynamics AX. By developing healthcare-specific financial functionality for Dynamics AX, Mazik empowers healthcare organizations to tighten billing cycles, report more accurately and collect more payment.

Human Capital Management

MazikCare’s Human Capital Management module looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook, which reduces training time and increases end-user productivity. Staffing, professional development and scheduling can be easily and quickly created and managed.

Audit and Compliance

Maintain certifications and avoid penalty fines with MazikCare’s regulatory functionality. You can implement new regulations automatically throughout the system and respond efficiently to audit requests for information.


MazikCare maintains secured collaborative electronic health records for every patient. The physician-designed, tablet-based charting system is intuitive, efficient and enhances the doctor-patient relationship. Portals will automate and facilitate patient engagement to improve your care and your business.

Patient Relationship Management

Provide better quality of care and build patient loyalty with the MazikCare patient relationship management system. With our system, you can secure patient portals and work with your patients for efficient and optimum service.

Pharmacy Management

MazikCare allows you to monitor prescriptions, medication inventories and medical device supplies from a robust platform that securely automates the end-to-end patient, doctor and pharmacist interaction.

Lab Management

Increase speed and accuracy of result transmissions, reduce errors and protect your data with a single integrated solution: Mazik’s lab management system.

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MazikCare Solution

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MazikCare Solution
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