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MazikM2M Overview:

Machines have their own language, and since they are the lifeblood of many companies, it is important to understand the way they speak. So when your machines aren’t running how they should be, something needs to be able to interpret what is wrong and relay that information in an understandable way.

MazikM2M is the answer. This software provides a high-tech solution for remote metering and monitoring along with control applications. It can be applicable for many different businesses, especially those who need an efficient way to manage their machine-to-machine communications. When it comes to getting the information you need, MazikM2M has the solutions.


With features that are designed to facilitate the utility industry for remote metering and preventative maintenance, MazikM2M is perfect for Remote Metering Systems, or RMS. It can take time and manpower to check meters and report back the information. But with this software, you can get real-time information directly. There are many instruments that can be interfaced with RMS for optimal efficiency.

Here are a few of the key parameters for RMS and MazikM2M:

  • Electric
    • Line/Phase Voltage
    • Frequency
    • Line Current
    • Active/Reactive power
  • Gas
    • Correction Factor
    • Corrected Flow Rate
    • Corrected/Uncorrected Reading
    • N2 Mol % Value
    • CO2 % Mol Value
    • FPV2 Value
  • Other Parameters
    • Meter/Device ID
    • Battery Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • BTU


With the design to facilitate preventive maintenance, MazikM2M can detect unauthorized access and minimize the fuel theft from diesel storage tanks with the real-time fuel monitoring of our Generator Management System. This software can help detect problems and let you know where issues are coming from. You will be able to cut down on the time spent trying to find the issue by letting the machine talk to you. You will be able to have complete peace of mind and keep your instruments running smoothly with this system in place.

Some of the system features include:

  • GPRS communication with the server
  • Option for configurable alarms
  • SMS/Email alerts in alarm conditions
  • Configurations upgradeable remotely
  • Real-time monitoring via web or mobile
  • Data logs to maintain complete backtracking

GMS tracks and keeps the record of the following parameters:

  • Quantity of fuel delivered
  • Current level of fuel in storage tanks
  • Battery voltage of generator
  • Generator door status


MazikM2M caters to almost any requirement, from simple data logging to a comprehensive data acquisition. With the real-time data monitoring and data logs complete backtracking, you rest assured knowing your instruments are being metered and monitored accurately. This software has you covered, making sure that whatever your machines are saying is sent directly to you.


  • Daily/monthly usage
  • Alarm summary
  • Detailed parameters


  • Graphical representation of trends
  • Customized selection of parameters

Critical Alarms

  • Low battery
  • High / low fuel level

Machines are easier to understand with MazikM2M. Let this software do all the information gathering for you in an easily understandable form. There’s no need to worry when MazikM2M is looking out for you. Save on time and manpower by letting the information come to you.

MazikM2M Solution

MazikM2M Video:

MazikM2M Solution

MazikM2M Screenshots:

MazikM2M Solution

MazikM2M Features:

Increase Productivity

Alerts and Alarms, via email and SMS, inform the maintenance team of any shutdown as soon as it happens. Communication with the equipment or annunciator gives you additional insight of the fault and helps the corrective action. In time alert and in depth information increase the productivity

Reduce OPEX

Wireless data collection from remote sites minimizes field visits to a great extent. Manpower requirement also goes down. Data trends help a lot to guess a fault before it really happens. Preventive measures become more accurate… All this reduce operational expenses

Better Control and Visibility

Dash Boards for Top Management helps to monitor the whole operation in a glance. Consolidated Reports for different management levels result in more transparent operation. Contractor Management Tool is also provided to manage preventive and corrective maintenance in a more efficient way

Minimize Theft

Automated data collection (fuel delivered etc.), precise information (reason of fault etc.), less human intervention (AMR etc.) and better system visibility lead to reduced overall theft

Data Back Tracking

Software provides complete data back tracking for analysis and reporting purposes

Maximize Efficiency

Better visibility, Contractor Management Tool, Email and SMS alerts, Data back tracking etc. are few benefits which increases the efficiency of the system to a great extent

MazikM2M Solution
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